June 2023 Trip

Trip Overview

Our program recently had the privilege of working with a Marine from West Michigan. Our team assembled at the beautiful Muskegon River Inn located in the quaint downtown area of Newaygo, Michigan. The Inn is conveniently located in close proximity to some of the best tailwater trout fishing in the state. June is an excellent time to pursue trout on either a dry fly or a traditionally swung wet fly. Several varieties of mayflies, such as the famous gray drakes, sulfurs and iso’s are common along with caddis and the occasional large stonefly. Needless to say, the Muskegon River is full of aquatic life and provides a substantial food source for trout and other game species that reside in its waters.

With little to no rainfall through the month of May, the river was running low and clear. With that in mind, our team decided to focus our attention on covering water and targeting rising trout on long leaders, as well as, swinging wet flies through the deeper cuts of gravel flats. As the boat crept its way downstream, our participant had the opportunity to swing and hook-up on several trout and a bonus redhorse sucker. Pure excitement and joy raced through the boat as our veteran angler felt the grab and tug of the fish taking the fly. After several hours of fishing, the team continued meandering our way downstream to a shallow gravel bar suitable for wade fishing, and preparation for a fresh streamside dinner. Over a freshly grilled ribeye and peaceful river setting, great conversation was had themed around fishing, service, and the ever changing world around us. As the sun began to set behind the towering bluffs lined with hardwoods and cedars, the surface of the river became alive. Dancing caddis and emerging mayflies littered the waterway. With multiple opportunities to rising trout, our veteran angler carefully selected and confidently presented his fly to the wary trout. The remaining few hours of sunlight were spent drifting and taking in the beautiful views of the Mighty Mo, while casting to the sporadic rises of trout. Fish catches were limited but the experience, fellowship, and time spent on the water never disappoints.

Thank you for your service, Marine. See you on the next bend!

"The memories created together will last for generations."



"Alex and I had a blast!"


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